HSE eBulletin: RIDDOR forms

HSE’s suite of Riddor forms is being refreshed, moving to a more modern platform to improve user experience. Further details are below.

For more information about how you make a Riddor report visit our website.

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) requires employers, the self-employed and people in control of work premises (the Responsible Person) to report certain serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences.

These reports simply let the relevant enforcing authority know that an incident has occurred so they can identify where and how risks arise, and whether they need to be investigated. This allows the enforcing authorities to prioritise their work helping dutyholders understand what they need to do to manage risk in the workplace. For guidance on what, and how, to report, visit our website.

The suite of Riddor forms is being refreshed, moving to a more modern platform to improve user experience and give an enhanced look and feel. Reporting requirements remain unchanged.

A feature of the new forms is that once a report has been submitted to the RIDDOR database an email copy will no longer be automatically sent by the system to the notifier email address.

If required, the notifier has the opportunity to download a copy of their form at the point of submission, otherwise a copy will not be received.

Occupational disease, Dangerous Gas Fitting, Dangerous Occurrence, Dangerous Occurrence Offshore and Injury Offshore forms have now launched.

The final two forms – Flammable Gas and Injury – will go live by end April 2019.


A round up of some recent HSE prosecutions and enforcement action in the construction sector and links to relevant advice.


Utility company fined after exposing employees to asbestos

Further information

Asbestos health and safety


Construction firm fined after employee suffered serious burns

Further information


Construction Safety Topicunderground cables

Roofwork/ Working at height

Builder fined after worker fell from height


CITB is reviewing the Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test to ensure that it continues to contribute towards a qualified workforce with the right knowledge, skills and training.

New question styles

From January 2018 the test will include two new question styles:

•           Multiple-choice with images

•           Drag and drop with text

The content of the questions will not change, but some questions will be presented using the two new styles.

Digital revision materials

All digital revision materials have been updated (DVD’s, downloads and apps) and can be purchased at shop.citb.co.uk.  The hard copy revision materials will not be updated, but can still be used to revise for the test as the question content has not been changed.

For further details of the changes, and to try the new question styles go to citb.co.uk/hsetestdev.


Updated 15.08.2017

Tata Steel UK Limited fined after uncontrolled release of toxic substances

A steel company has today been fined after the release of toxic and flammable substances from its site in Scunthorpe.

Company fined after scaffold collapse

A Dorset based company has been fined after a scaffold collapsed at an industrial unit in Wallisdown, Poole.

Worker suffers flash burns

A manufacturing firm has been sentenced for safety breaches after a worker suffered flash burns to her face, neck, chest and both arms.

Ilfracombe landlord endangered tenants with illegal gaswork

The landlord of a property in Ilfracombe has been given a suspended sentence for risking the lives of his tenants by undertaking dangerous gas work.

Company fined £250,000 after crushing leaves worker with brain damage

A passenger air transport firm has been fined after an employee suffered brain damage after being crushed by hangar doors in Bedfordshire.