TAWSA Health and Safety Management Plus scheme

Management Plus is the most popular product in our range of health and safety management contracts. Management Plus is a total management package where TAWSA oversees all aspects of Health and Safety for a project, department, or organisation allowing you to concentrate on your core activity.

There are three main stages in the scheme

Initial Assessment

All procedures, assessments and legislation applicable will be reviewed or produced by TAWSA and implemented as required.

Review & maintenance

TAWSA review and update all procedures and assessments listed in the scheme quotation; communicate all changes in law and legislation and update company documentation appropriately.

Annual review

TAWSA will review all assessments and procedures at the end of the twelve month duration.

Initial Company assessment

All applicable company risk assessments, procedures and the Health and Safety polices are reviewed and updated as required, this includes the generation of new documentation where deficiencies have been identified.
This documentation will then be signed off by a TAWSA Ltd consultant and the responsible person for the client.

Review & Maintenance

Law and legislation relevant to your business will be monitored and all changes will be communicated to you and the relevant documentation issued in the agreed format, all changes must be communicated to the work force by the client.
Although ultimately responsibility of complying with health and safety legislation and providing safe places to work remains that of the employer, TAWSA will work with you and your team to ensure that you are taking all the appropriate steps to reduce risks to your staff and that you comply with all the appropriate regulations.

Quarterly Site Visit

There will be quarterly visit made to your site these will involve our consultants in accompaniment with a representative/s of your organisation undertaking a review of relevant safety documentation available and in use.